Kathy Zukerman has worked on Wall Street as an institutional equities sales trader for 27 years. She spent the first half of her career with Goldman Sachs, both in the US and London. She is now with BTIG as a Managing Director in the institutional equities sales division. 
In 2005, Kathy established Urban Tech's Adopt-a-School Program that offers individuals and corporations the opportunity to build direct, personal relationships with schools and students and to have a meaningful impact on their success. Sponsorships provide Urban Tech's Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) and teacher training for schools and community-based organizations to improve social and emotional learning (SEL), digital literacy, academic performance, conflict resolution skills, money management, and healthy living. Adopt-a-School helps change the lives of 6-18-year-old students in New York City and beyond.
Kathy joined the Urban Tech Board in 1995 and took the reins of chairwoman of the Board in 2018. She led the introduction of Dignity for All, a program focused on establishing safe and supportive environments at home and school to foster growth and empathy and put an end to the discrimination, harassment, and bullying that so often interfere with students' performance.
Zukerman is a graduate of Stanford University and has an MBA from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, Jeff Zukerman, and her two children Jake and Molly. She also enjoys time with her step-daughters, Kate and Rachel Zukerman.