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Our Family Empowerment Center provides learning and development opportunities for the entire family, ranging from technology to leadership skills.

This is a comprehensive partnership between Urban Tech and your school community.

  • Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) experts in each classroom,

  • Learning Accelerators for a bold intervention  to tailor instruction to student's individual needs and abilities and to ensure that all students have a chance to excel and pursue a career in STEM;

  • Tutoring and Mentoring for student competency; and encouraging teachers, administrators, and parents to partner with one another to share curricula, training, and data to identify best practices that engage more and more under-represented youth; 

  • Parent Engagement for expertise in computer applications: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to encourage industry skills and a pipeline for jobs in today’s changing markets;


  • Social and Emotional Learning and policy and procedures for safer, more supportive classrooms.

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