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We know that life-altering changes and opportunities are possible for many young people living in fragile communities through greater access to technologies, engaging curriculum, and life skills. 

The National Urban Technology Center (Urban Tech) would like to ask for your support for our 27th Anniversary Fundraising Gala on Tuesday, September 26, 2023, in New York City.  

Proceeds from the charitable event will fund our Dignity for All program which provides social and emotional skills and digital tools to help historically underserved youth in New York cross the digital divide and reach their highest academic potential. 

Our goal is to raise $1.1 million this year, which will help provide our Dignity for All program for every disadvantaged youth in the New York communities struggling with existing inequities.

Every dollar counts and will go to fulfilling our commitment to underserved youth in New York's most underserved communities. With your help, we will create innovative solutions and measurable outcomes.

With a disproportionate number of school-age children lacking home broadband access and digital tools to learn, the breadth of the digital divide has been revealed - during the pandemic - as schools struggled to substitute in-school resources with online instruction, electronic libraries, streaming videos, and other online tutorials.

By investing in Urban Tech, you understand the challenges communities face from a lack of digital inclusion. Your investment says that you support opportunities that await young people if they are technologically skilled and socially and emotionally healthy. 

You see, with the help from supporters like you in the past year, we have implemented our Dignity for All in 20 schools in Brooklyn and the Bronx and have seen improved skills in empathic listening and restorative inquiry as well as a decrease in incidents of bullying as quickly as in six weeks. Victimization rates declined - falling from 23.0 percent to 17.9 percent, which is lower than the national rates for students in grades six and seven. That's not all - students' grades rose considerably. 

These schools are now creating a culture of diversity, inclusion, and racial justice in their classrooms. Students are actively fostering respect and understanding among their peers and school staff.

Our work is far from over. Your support will help us continue to directly break down the barriers that affect historically underserved students and build a stronger, more equitable future. 

Our Dignity for All program has the potential to increase access and facilitate greater connection for students when paired with in-person instruction. Still, we can't serve our children better if we don't reimagine how learning happens at school and home.

Historically, our students who have gone without support and access are doubly burdened by a remote learning education. 

Your support will contribute to bridging the digital divide and allow our students to get more connected. This means assessing student needs and making sure programs are dedicated to providing tutoring services, supplemental learning, and social and emotional programming.



Let’s Work Together

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