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The National Urban Technology Center, Inc. (Urban Tech) is a not-for-profit educational corporation founded in 1995 by former IBM executive Pat Bransford to build innovative technology training programs and provide academic and financial literacy skills in underserved communities. 

Urban Tech is a social enterprise committed to creating solutions for students that:


  • Uses technology to enrich students’ learning and prepare for 21st  century jobs

  • Engages students in real life scenarios to promote critical thinking and empathy

  • Provides opportunities to improve digital literacy, financial education, and career development

  • Invests in schools and provides support for teachers and parents to enrich students’ education

For more than 25 years, Urban Tech has connected students and families to digital literacy, financial literacy, comprehensive health education, and life skills critical to academic and career success and has built over 500 technology centers in disadvantaged communities across the country to provide access to jobs.


Urban Tech is determined to close the divide in low-income communities caused by the pandemic. 

For more information about Urban Tech, please visit UrbanTech.org.